Sissi Perlinger brightens up the faces and kickstarts every event. 

Sissi Perlinger is a famous German comedienne and an extraordinary shamanic entertainer, dancer, musician and actress who had her own television shows on German television and performed in more than 40 movies. In addition to that, Sissi is a musical one-woman orchestra and accompanies her classically trained 3 ½ octave voice by playing guitar and drums at the same time and underlines her poetic texts with groovy rhythms. In her latest stage show "Worum es wirklich geht" (engl. "What it is all about"') she gives profound, highly philosophical, hilarious and politically incorrect suggestions to think about the true meaning of life. - Comedy in German

Sissi Perlinger is accompanied by Lois Feather who plays a wicked djembe and gets the groove going. She designs the famous feather crowns that the two of them are wearing on stage.